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5–7 November 2015

Repairing the Past, Imagining the Future: Reparations and Beyond…

Reparations conference
Held in collaboration with Wheelock College (Boston, US) and with sponsorship from the Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights, this conference will examine the legacy and current movements for reparations surrounding the slave trade. Invited speakers include Sir Hilary Beckles and Professor Verene Shepherd (University of the West Indies).

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Previous conferences

6 May 2015

Power, Authority & Canon

Power, Authority & Canon conference
The scope of this conference includes issues of historical, theological and ethical ramifications of canonization. What are the effects in elevating certain writings to the status of “Holy Scriptures”? Is the belief in the holiness of certain texts a warrant for their use and misuse?

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June 2015

Student Archaeology Conference 2015

3rd Annual Archaeology conferenceEstablished in 2013, and organised by students and for students, the ASA conference gives undergraduate and postgraduate students a chance to discuss their research and get up to date on developments in the field in a relaxed, fun and engaging environment. This year’s theme is Developing Integrated Archaeology.

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