Conference trips announced

We’re organising a range of trips for delegates to choose from that show off our magnificent city and its surroundings! All trips will take place on the third day of the conference (13th June, Saturday) and are entirely optional. You will be able to pick your trip when you register. Places for trips are limited but if you have trouble selecting one, bear in mind that all the proposed destinations (except Rossyln Chapel) are easily accessible (and free!) on other times/days as well, in case you want to make your own plans for your free time in Edinburgh.

Resources for first-time presenters

Are you a first-time conference participant or just feeling nervous about your presenting skills? If so, have no fear! The Organizing Committee of ASA2015 has compiled some useful resources for just this occasion. Check them out on our new devoted section – Presenting 101.

Keynote speaker announced

We’re thrilled to announce that the legendary Professor Lord Colin Renfrew will be giving a keynote lecture at ASA 2015 on the advantages of cross-disciplinary approaches! Not only did he literally write the textbook on archaeology, but his groundbreaking work on protolinguistics completely changed the way we think about the spread of languages. Hope you’re as excited as we are!

More details on the Careers Roundtable

As a student conference, the 3rd ASA organising committee have recognised the importance of helping participating students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, to open a dialogue into future careers in archaeology. This will be undertaken at the University of Edinburgh with an informal round table discussion involving specialists from different branches of career archaeology; commercial, museums, academia, and forensics. The list of confirmed participants include Dr Alison Sheridan (National Museums Scotland), Dr Andy Heald (AOC Archaeology Group), Gaille MacKinnon (Forensic Anthropology and Anthropology, University of Dundee) and David Connolly (BAJR, Past Horizons) who will discuss the various careers and opportunities open to archaeology students, and how to tailor your experience and knowledge to maximise your employment prospects.

Update on registration fees

We know student life can be financially difficult, especially in this frozen January! We’ve therefore decided to cap our registration fee at £10. This will get you access to both days of the conference, lunch and refreshments on both days, and (hopefully) a wee trip somewhere local. Registration and booking opens in March.

ASA 2015 web-page is now live

The official web-page for the 3r Annual Student Archaeology Conference is now up and running. The call for papers opens in December. Follow us on our social media pages to keep up to date with recent developments. We hope to see you all in Edinburgh in June 2015!