Conference schedule

0900-0915 Welcome
0915-1000 John Collins(Yale University)“Uses of Torah in the Second Temple Period”
1000-1045 Michael Satlow(Brown University)"Bad Prophecies"
1045-1100 Coffee
1100-1145Manfred Oeming(Universität Heidelberg)“The Way of God: Ethics and Ritual as Birthplaces of Canonicity”
1145-1230 Timothy Lim(University of Edinburgh)“The Insufficiency of Divine Inspiration”
1400-1445John Barton (University of Oxford)“How far does the content of canonical texts matter?
1445-1530Walter Moberly(University of Durham)“Canonicity and religious truth: What role, if any, should a traditional canon play today?”
1530-1615Craig Evans(Acadia Divinity School)“Jesus and the Beginnings of the Christian Canon of Scripture”
1615-1700 Tea
1700-1745 Shaye Cohen(Harvard University)“Some Reflections on the Canon”
1745-1800Closing Remarks